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The family began their story in the wine world over 20 years ago in Pomerol in the region of Bordeaux in France when they acquired Chateau Montviel, a property of great standing.

Their marked interest in the Lalande appellation of Pomerol led them to buy Chateau La Graviére in 2000. Then, in 2002, they dedicated themselves to take up again one the first vineyards in Pomerol, and they chose Chateau Le Gay where they did a complete restoration of the house.

Under the premise of harmonizing and integrating the building with the natural landscape, without interrupting or limiting the impressive view of the Andes mountain range, Monteviejo was constructed in 2001 and the first harvest was made in 2002.

The family are also owners of Château Montviel, Château La Graviére, Château Le Gay y Château La Violette in France, Pomerol. .


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